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        Design ◾ Build

◾  Bring us your plans for your new 

       home or project from your architect.

◾  Let us help you design your home,

       then provide preconstruction and

       on-site management experience

       during the building process.

◾  Bullseye Properties focuses on

       providing exceptional services.

◾  Building homes is what we love, but

       taking care of the financial side of

       the project is important too.



◾  Bullseye Properties has developed 

       our own estimating software that is 

       invaluable to our company and 

       individuals trying to find a plan for

       their budget. 


  We produce detailed construction

       estimates that give us the exact cost

       of any home we would like to build.


◾  Our estimates focus on dollars rather

       than the number of sticks and bricks. 


◾  We enter in key quantities and the

       software does the rest. We then 

       personalize the estimate to your 

       standards and selections.

   Consulting & Inspections

◾  We provide site management, 

       inspection and consulting services

       for homeowners, investors, and  

       construction companies. 


◾  These services are for clients with 

       primary and secondary residences,

       rental properties, and commercial



◾  We provide site management, inspection

       and consulting services for commercial

       clients with projects in the multi-family,

       hotel, retail, and educational industries.

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